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Flexible iPhone Tripod

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Best Flexible Tripod for Cell Phone & Small Camera Create Better Selfies & Videos - Unable to place your phone or camera in flexible positions for that perfect shot? - Having trouble bracing your phone or camera so it doesn't slip & loose its grip? - Wish you could find something sturdy to support your phone or camera weight? - Tired of phone attachments that always come loose? Introducing Your Very Own Out-On-A-Whim Flexible Tripod to the Rescue! - Designed with durable joints & a 360 degree flexibility. - Non-slip grip with rubber rings & feet. - No matter if you have an iPhone, smartphone, small camera Out-On-A-Whim holds them all. - Stable phone attachment that doesn't come loose. Amazon Buyers Trust Our Out-On-A-Whim Brand to be Quality Premium Products! You Are Backed By Our Lifetime Warranty too! We Cannot Guarantee this Special Pricing, So Be Sure to Click Buy Now!



  • TRIPOD CAN BE EASILY MOUNTED, bent or adjusted onto most anything.
  • NON-SLIP RUBBER FEET provides a great gripping advantage.
  • IDEAL AS DESKTOP TRIPOD to hold cell phone while working.
  • TEN LEG BALL AND SOCKET JOINTS each with 360 degree rotation range.
  • SMALL AND PORTABLE FOR TRAVEL with secure iphone or small camera mount.

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