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keeping up with magda

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The classic novel from the No 1 Scottish bestseller

In the Scottish fishing village of Mareth, everyone knows everything about each other - and what they don't know they assume; the villagers live against a constantly changing backdrop of elaborate scheming and sexual innuendo. At the hub of this world is the Ocean Cafe, run by tousle-haired, fortysomething Magda, who makes grown men eat their greens, won't serve customers she doesn't like, and loves her children and their father with a passion. When Jessie Tate, devastated by recent tragedy, rents the flat above the cafe in an escape from the city, her dream of peace and solitude is shattered by the rock 'n' roll music that thuds through her floor. But perhaps a dose of life in an intimate, colourful and utterly self-absorbed community is just what Jessie needs to break free of her ghosts...

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