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Radiation Protection Shield Sticker

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Radiation Protection Shield Sticker, EMF Blocker For Cell Phone/ Laptop/ Tablet/ Kindle/ Router/ Wifi: Radiation is everywhere! However, it impairs our health. According to the scientists, radiation is harmful to our brain and human cells, reduce sleep quality, and affects our health. There is nothing more important than health. So, we must take action to keep radiation away from us.

Labobbon Radiation Shield is Certified by the World Renown Interational Certification from the California Institute of Electronics and materials Science(CIEMS: No.1290721540) and Korea Far Infrared Association(KFIA: KFIM-422 KFI-799), and tests have proved that it can reduce the harmful effects of radiation by up to 99%. It's a reliable EMF protection.

How It Works:

Most of electronic devices can ionize air out of positive ions, which damage our nerve cells. Labobbon radiation shield sticker can reduce the temperature of your electronic devices, neutralize positive ions by releasing negative ions, to protect our health from EMF radiation.

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