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A guide to achieving inner balance through yoga. Yoga, according to Osho, is not only a system of belief but is also a scientific methodology that heightens awareness and makes it possible to live in a constant state of happiness, harmony and fulfillment. For many, yoga is merely a way to keep fit. Osho, however, believes that yogic postures are but an infinitely small part of an 'entire recipe for living'. In a language both fluid and graceful, Osho explains how yoga can transform one's life. The reader is told how he can first transcend the body, then the mind and, finally, how he can 'fall into your own being'. 'Drop all the outer goals and move inwards,' says Osho. Yoga, for him, is not about control or discipline but about achieving a sense of balance. Yoga: The Science of Living, an outcome of Osho's talks, is not merely a commentary on Patanjali's ancient treatise. It is enriched with insights from Osho's awakened consciousness. Defying traditional norms of spirituality, Osho punctuates the voyage of self-discovery with an irreverent sense of humour. Enriching the book are questions from various people, keen to discover themselves.

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