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Tulip Flower Lens Hood For Canon Nikon DSLR

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67mm Tulip Flower Lens Hood For Canon Nikon DSLR

  • Aluminum alloy tripod stand, lightweight and compact, sturdy and durable.
  • Dual spirit level, three adjustment knobs design damping effect ball head, realizing any angle shooting, precise and efficient.
  • 4-section column leg with quick release locks, giving a more convenient leg handling, satisfying your wanted height when shooting.
  • Detachable quick release plate for quickly connecting to camera or camcorder.
  • Features with a pan-tilt-swivel head with bubble level.
  • Come with carrying bag for easy portability, suitable for office, home, leisure activity and travelling.
  • Standard 1/4” screw interface compatible with most digital cameras, fishing lights, etc
  • Versatile applications, suitable for office, home, leisure activities and travelling
  • Suitable for most Digital camera, DV, camcorders and other small cameras, but not fit for DSLR cameras or other big cameras.

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